Six Pack Abs Vs. A Strong Core

Core and six pack abs?

“See that guy, yeah that guy with the sick abs…….he must have amazing core strength!”

Ever hear that? I know I have as a trainer and fellow gym goer. That same guy couldn’t hold a plank for 10 seconds let alone do anything that resembles a “safe” core exercise correctly.

So what gives? Why’s he got abs? Great question. The cause is an amazing diet possibly combined with great genetics. But mostly a great diet. Your rictus abdominus, or “six pack” pretty much looks like that without doing much work.the muscle has the appearance of six segments in order to allow proper motor function during flexion of the spine. A great example would be your basic crunch done correctly. Now to see this odd shaped muscle takes a very clean diet along with a proper exercise routine. The appearance of the six pack is only there with the disappearance of the fatty tissue around it. So your six pack abs are there, it’s just hiding under a layer of fat. And no, doing 8268278729329 crunches a day will not reveal this.

So then why would I bother training my “core”? Another great question. You people are so intuitive! As an experienced trainer I know one thing to be certain; You want those six pack abs? You gotta move more and eat less. Developing a strong core will allow you to have the best body to work with. Here at Fit4U our first priority is to give you the best body to work with while trying to achieve your physical goals because you will not reach them overnight I can guarantee! This means we should be worried about longevity in the gym. Make our body as solid and injury resistant as possible. This will allow us to stay on that road to goal achievement as safe as possible and as long as needed!

There are so many ways to activate core musculature that goes well beyond the crunch and sit-up. And way better than doing those silly leg lifts your high school coach, gym teacher, or whoever taught you. And FYI, those leg lifts are probably making you look fatter… True story! Without boring you with the technical details, go stand sideways in a mirror. Look at the mirror, now stick your butt out and belly out at the same time. Looks funny? Well leg lifts, in general, are going to make you look more like that than the nice flat look you were going for. I swear!

We will be posting some crazy fun core movements very soon, but in the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to contact me from our contact page.

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